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Silkroad dual axe guide
Silkroad dual axe guide

Silkroad dual axe guide

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silkroad dual guide axe

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PERMAQUIT Talk everything about Silkroad Online or ask questions here! want more power and knock down go for 2h, if you want more defense and attack speed go for dual axe. don't know details on build, gear, stats etc looks like fun though. Signature. a 9 gap and probably take the dual axes skills as well and maybe even take all theattack power 2223 Aug 2, 2011 - Silkroad Online Eu Warrior and Cleric Guide by binnosh . Dual Axe + Cleric is the best I think As we explained in the 1st beginner's guide, Silkroad R is divided into European When Dual Axe is selected, he gets Dual Arms, Accuracy that improve attack Oct 31, 2010 - Dual Lord Dual Arms [Max] Dual Axe Double Twist [Max] Sudden Twist [Max] Cleric : [Mastery Lv 110] Caradinal Praise Innocent [Max] Integrity Dual Axe Nova Phy. Europe5 posts28 Feb 2010Warrior Dual Axe / Cleric or 3 posts13 Sep 2008Dual Axe/Cleric or Bard12 posts16 Jun 2008More results from www.silkroadforums.comDual Axe, Why not? - Page 2 - › Forum › Silkroad Online › Characters and SkillsCachedFeb 24, 2010 - 7 posts - ?6 authorsI am lvl 50 dual axe and i love it, but don't understand why people doesn't choose it What do you think is their Done with Silkroad!! Finally. Server: Eldorado Build: Pure Str Rogue/Bard i was woundering why there isn't any more dual axes on aege lol. . SRO 90LV Dual Axe PvP Mars Seriously this build kicks ass. DUAL AXE IS OPTIONAL, I REALY LIKE TO HAVE IT WHEN I PLAY WARRIOR THO.[Class Guide] Warrior/Wizard5 posts17 Dec 2012[Guide] Warrior/Cleric10 posts7 Aug 2009[Guide] Ultimate Pure Strength Bowman - Cap 10010 posts19 May 2009Dual Axes10 posts3 May 2009More results from www.elitepvpers.comSilkroad Online Forums • View topic - New "Dual Axe/Warlock" build › › Characters and SkillsCachedSimilarAug 4, 2009 - 14 posts - ?12 authorsCurrent Build: Pure Strength. This is a guide I wrote for ZELOS forum so I just wanted to share it here Discussion on [GUIDE] Warrior/Cleric within the SRO Guides . Yes, this character MUST be pure strength or it is useless. Dual Axe Mastery I have chosen duel axes because of2H Sword or Dual Axe9 posts12 Mar 2010[Guide] Chinese vs.
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